Step-by-step plan to get back to the real world again.

It is interesting that this illustration resonates with you. But what needs to be done in order to find a way onto that narrow path? In other words, what can you do to change your own direction and make sure you take the right turn? illustratie je aanspreekt. Maar wat zijn de dingen die moeten gebeuren om op die smalle weg te geraken? Ofwel, wat zou je kunnen doen om je eigen koers te verleggen en de juiste afslag te nemen?

Step 1 – Awakening
Thoughts along the lines of 'things aren't all that bad for me and the world around me', do not give you the motivation required for you to make radical choices in your life. I hope you realize that something is happening on a global scale and that you need to free yourself of this. Only by understanding this can you be motivated to move forward.

  1. Take some time for yourself to research the huge influence the media, big tech, (semi-) governments, big pharma and big banking, and so on, have on humanity. Do they have good intentions or not? Are they in contact with one another? And what does Klaus Schwab's great reset mean for us?
  2. Dive deeper into the question of how almost all 8 billion people on earth are so massively influenced by the aforementioned institutions and how they have allowed themselves to become so mentally dependent on them. 
  3. Ask yourself why it is so difficult for us to obtain information beyond the information provided by those authorities. Do you come to any sort of different conclusion and do you voice your opinion? Then it will get dismissed outright. Why is this and how do you feel about it?


You will now discover that there are two worlds: the false reality we are all being pushed into, and the world of absolute truth which is directly opposed to that false reality. Well, if you understand that almost every person (I estimate 80%) on Earth is being brainwashed by the aforementioned companies/governments, you will find that we are all being kept firmly in the grip of false pretenses. This leads to all kinds of feelings of guilt which, in return, maintain the streams of income with regard to the (fake) corona virus industry, as well as feelings of guilt about the (fake) climate industry, the (fake) nitrogen industry, the (fake) refugee industry, etc. Every person has an obligation to think about this for themselves and to take a stand for their fellow people. But, in order to do so, you will need to have formed an opinion about what is good and what is bad. About what is true and what is not true. Devilish or Divine. This is important because our mind is influenced by demonic forces or by the powers of love. You decide which one!

Step 2 – The truth hurts

People who can no longer work or think independently need a group to hide behind, and this is how power structures are created which unnaturally (devilish) go about their business. Without conscience, they will, with their managers, do everything they can (supposedly in the public's best interest) to preserve themselves and their like-minded people. And when necessary they will drag along everyone who is trapped in their influence of power. (see illustration) 

You can recognize these people (managers) who devilishly go about their business by the fact that they, without having worked for it and therefore without wisdom, pain, self-reflection and without any sort of compassion for humanity, always want to tell other people how things work. With this behavior they create or maintain the false reality mentioned above which most people on earth have now ended up in and, in my view, are partly responsible for. This is not a new phenomenon, but compared to the beginning of humanity it has accelerated rapidly due to the rise of technology over the last 50 years. And it is now reaching its climax. These fake managers are abusing these technologies (e.g. by censoring our opinions) to an increasing extent, which is starting to outweigh the advantages the technologies should offer. Escape is only possible for those who are inspired by the Divine. Because they now know that God is mainly looking for people who carry the absolute truth within them.

Step 3 – Look within
Remember that what is going on inside your head is never visible to only you. It is also seen, recorded and stored in an invisible dimension, something also referred to as 'eternity' or 'God'. We can only start to change the world once you realize that everything you do has consequences for you and for future generations. 

Step 4 – From awareness to change
You realize more and more the world can only change if you are consciously engaged in making decisions independently, based on the truth. Even if you were to not see the fruits of your positive decisions here on Earth, at least you have tried with the best intentions to make something of it, and you and your children will be rewarded for this in another life.

stappenplan eindstrijd

Step 5 – Will you continue to properly interpret signals of the time?
Be critical of everything that is happening around you. Remember that we are approaching the 25th hour and any moment now the final battle, which has already begun, can intensify. Keep in mind that they want to push us into a satanic, globalist world order where even your thoughts are determined by someone else. And finally: if you can recognize the greater global societal lies then you can also recognize the small lies around you more easily, and do something about it all.

Step 6 –Take the (narrow) path
Vroeger zou men misschien zeggen: ‘bekeert u!’. Ik zou zeggen: keer, neem ’the U-turn’.
Turn around and take your first steps onto the narrow path. 

Veel gestelde vragen

Wij snappen dat ons manifest vragen bij je kan oproepen. Onderstaand de meest gesteld vragen:

U moet zelf uw eigen gelijkgestemden groep maken. Echter we kunnen wel bemiddelen. Neem hier contact op.

Daar is geen ontkomen aan echter het hangt van uw blauwdruk af in welke gradatie u bij hem komt.

Daar geloven wij niet in omdat iedere religie zijn eigen draai aan de bijbel geeft en dus (vaak) niet eerlijk.

Stuur uw vraag naar  en wij helpen u verder op weg.

Juist niet want de rechtvaardigen en eerlijke mensen die de waarheid zoeken gaan iets moois tegemoet.

Ter vergelijking;  Men is een keukenbrandje aan het blussen met een atoombom.

Het is een politiek spel geworden en gaat al lang niet meer om onze gezondheid.

Alle feiten dat zei liegen zijn er. U moet daar echter zelf onderzoek naar doen omdat U mij ook niet zou geloven.

Accepteren dat mensen nou een maal dood gaan en daar geen misbruik van maken.

Omdat naar mate je er mee bezig bent je steeds blijer wordt en rust over je heen gestrooid krijgt.

Als je de bijbel bestuderen zou ontdek je dat alles klopt en net een puzzel is die in elkaar past.    

Begin met het boek te lezen van Lee Strobel “bewijs genoeg”. Daarna mail je ons maar en geven wij verder advies.

Omdat men verstrooid is geraakt door deels verkeerde opvoeding en deels misbruik kwade machten.