Eindstrijd - brede en smalle weg

Are we living in a surreal time?

In any case, it is hard to deny that the question arises for many; what is true? What is the real reality? It seems that we have ended up in a biblical endgame. A struggle between the forces of light and dark (Matthew 24, Luke 21, Revelation 20), between good and evil, between truth and falsehood. I have often read about the final battle from different traditions, but I never thought I would find myself in the middle of it. The tension and division in society has become palpable. What is left to still be felt and experienced as truth?

I sincerely hope that we will begin to feel that there is much wrong in the world. Not just in the present, but has been for a long time and in many areas of our society! This is because a small group of powerful people can determine almost everything on our beautiful planet and only become richer and more powerful. And because it is becoming more and more difficult to hear the ‘truth’ in the midst of all those running interference, who only proclaim the message that those in power think we should hear (John 18;36).

We will have to choose between the Biblical narrow way (Luke 13;24) or the broad way (Matthew 7;13-14, 24;37-39). Let us immerse ourselves in the truth, and the truth will set us free (John 8;32). Feel that longing for a fairer and more transparent world. The presence of evil forces around us has never been more evident than now! How much more evidence do we need to become aware of the distressing situation we have found ourselves in? Today, most people are not only estranged from God, but they also develop an increasing aversion to God because of the media and the bad example set by many religions and radicalized religious fanatics (Ephesians 4;18, Matthew 7;15 and 20, Romans 10;2). This is reinforced further by virtually all world governments that bring the most bizarre and perverse decisions. Lift that veil. For these people have already sold their souls to Satan! Therefore, be alert to the technocratic tyranny and the prescribed (false) reality brought by international governments and semi-governments with the help of the Media, Big Pharma, Big Tech and other listed companies. These insane psychopaths/managers/directors have lost all touch with their conscience and busy themselves with the introduction of one perverse measure after another in order to maintain themselves and their false reality. The ultimate form of power is to kill the other. It can be physical and it can be spiritual (Colossians 2;8). This policy of destruction will lead to disaster.

Thans zijn de meeste mensen niet alleen vervreemd van God, maar ze krijgen ook o.a. door de media en het slechte voorbeeld gedrag van veel religies en geradicaliseerde godsdienst fanaten een steeds grotere aversie tegen God (Efeziërs 4;18, Mattheus 7;15 en 20, Romeinen 10;2.) Dit wordt verder versterkt door zo goed als alle wereldse overheden die met de meest bizarre en perverse besluitvorming komen. Prik daar doorheen. Want deze mensen hebben reeds hun ziel verkocht aan Satan! 

Wees daarom alert op de technocratische tirannie en de voorgeschreven (schijn)werkelijkheid door de internationale overheden en semi overheden met behulp van de Media, Big Pharma, Big Tech en andere beurs genoteerde bedrijven. Bij deze doorgeslagen psychopaten/ managers/ bestuurders is alle geweten weg en is men bezig de ene na de andere perverse maatregel in te voeren, om zo zich zelf en hun schijnwerkelijkheid in stand te houden. De ultieme vorm van macht is de ander doden. Dat kan lichamelijk, en het kan geestelijk (Colossenzen 2;8). Dit beleid van destructie zal tot een catastrofe leiden.

What is to be done?

Uitleg eindstrijd

We are here on earth to have as many loving positive experiences as possible; to gain new insights continually and thus build up a certain (philosophical) wisdom. In so doing, you acquire a blueprint (key), so to speak, which you take with you into eternity (God). In science (e.g., quantum physics) too, we are already told that there are countless dimensions where our souls could go and which prove that there is more after death. One thing is certain and that is, whether we believe in God or not, God does believe in you and, whether you want to or not, you will participate in the infinitely beautiful divine with your blueprint, where you will get your own place for all eternity. Use your heart in combination with your common sense and make the right choice between the narrow and the broad way and you will be rewarded for it (Matthew 24;14). In the end, it comes down to a person's choice to show himself and those around him that he is sincerely seeking the truth and acting and living accordingly. Because everything you do is seen and judged. So, even if you bury your head in the sand... That is also a choice, namely one that has an effect in the present and in the afterlife (Psalm 37;4, Hebr. 11;1). You will only see it when you realize it. 

Gebruik je hart in combinatie met je verstand en maak de goede keuze tussen de smalle en de brede weg en je wordt er voor beloond (Mattheüs 24;14). Uiteindelijk komt het erop neer dat een mens de keuze heeft om zich zelf en zijn naasten te laten zien dat hij/zei oprecht bezig is de waarheid te zoeken en daar naar te handelen en te leven. Want alles wat je doet wordt gezien en beoordeelt. Dus ook als je je kop in het zand steekt…. Dat is ook een keus, namelijk een die doorwerkt in het heden en in het hiernamaals (psalm 37;4, Hebr. 11;1).

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